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3D Videos (2023)

3D visualization project of the sun and the moon in unusual environments.

Generative Art (2022)

Generative media project, working with computational procedures and exploring the ways that computation impacts experiences and realities with using methods of Aesthetic Programming.

i haunt.png
Animation, meis en scene (2021)

A short multimedia work of 3 mins with the consideration of production and scene design, lighting and formal aspects of composition. The aim of this project is investigation into animation. 

2D mini-game (2022)

Practice-based research and project on the topic of "Games as a New Genre of Art: Affective Game Design".

wake up.png
3D Video (2021)

Engagement with the NUI Galway Digital Collection of Repository Oral History of Tuam as a means to explore how moving image projects can engage society and collective memory.

3D environment for an art installation (2021)

Project done for an immersive installation for "Reflection In A Pond" exhibition in Prague, Czech Republic (2021) . Tackling a theme of digital escapism and emulating the feeling of artificial comfort that we have found in the digital world in recent times.

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