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Inna Kuzminova is a multimedia artist, who creates various artworks - from digital art to illustrations and interactive projects. 

Summary of Achievements

  • Collaborated with musicians on art projects and album covers.

  • Created a logo for a sports club "History" (Moscow, Russia 2023).

  • Created 3D visuals for an interactive installation for "Faith Trade" (Prague, Czech Republic 2023).

  • Published a 2D Unity mini-game "Godstruck" (2022) as a part of my Master's thesis.

  • Exhibited a digital installation at "Reflection In A Pond" exhibition (Prague, Czech Republic 2021).

  • Artworks featured in "Kuntsmatrix" and "Reflection In A Pond" publications.

  • My artwork has been exhibited in Antwerp University (Antwerp, Belgium 2021).

  • Published a web-based mini-game and an interactive web comic. (2020).

  • Performed an audio-visual performance at "I Love My Computer" (Prague, Czech Republic 2020).

  • My paintings were featured in Studio Prototyp during "SPAWN" (Prague, Czech Republic 2019).

  • Participated in a group exhibition that was attended by the prime minister of Malta (Birgu, Malta 2016).

  • Painted and designed a public mural (Batumi, Georgia 2015).

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