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Responding to The Archive

National University of Ireland, Galway



3D environment based on working with NUI Galway Digital Collection’s Islandora Repository Oral History Collection’s Tuam Oral History Project as a means to explore how moving image projects can engage society and collective memory.


A virtual recreation of the demolished building, the infamous case of Tuam Baby homes, a place known as a mass grave.

Tragic images play an important role in shaping the collective memory of the humanity. Historical atrocities become institutionalized the reason behind memorial museums, with their art collections, is to keep humanity’s crimes in the collective memory. Tragedy is inevitable.


“But the landscape of devastation is still a landscape. There is beauty in ruins,” - Susan Sontag.

Art based on a tragedy is not only a memorial of people’s suffering, it is more than a reminder of death and failure. It also represents the miracle of survival. Tragedies should be represented in art. Let the tragic art haunt us.
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