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"Reflection In A Pond" Exhibition

Prague, Czech Repulic



It is an immersive installation and at the centre of it is a 3D environment of a garden. The cyber-garden tackles a theme of digital escapism. With this project I explore the crazed artificiality and desperate realism of 3D technologies. I try emulate the feeling of comfort that we have found in the digital world in recent times. How we bask in fake digital rays of sunshine and how slowly it is starting to replace reality. How immersive the fake reality can be and how susceptible we are to the imposter beauty of it.

while the world outside is dying

With this project I created an environment that combines cyberspace with reality. The projection of the 3D garden is surrounded by real plants that act as a bridge between the real and the imitation. Audience can bury themselves in this bereft of life scene while live plants die around the digital ones.

A digital imitation of nature gives off a feeling of eerie familiarity, as it is more bright and more perfect than the original one. The strangeness and uncanniness of it cannot stop the audience from experiencing the calmness and peace of a grassy scenery. My aim is to bring to life this artificial world and lure the audience with the temptation of experiencing solace. To erase the line between the real and the virtual and to expand the world of human perception.
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