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M.A., Digital Media

From 2021-2022 I studied MA in Digital Media in National University of Ireland in Galway. Down below is some of my work that I have done during my studies.

flutter of feathers and factory dust (2021)

DM6100 Moving Image

2D Animation, mise-en-scène. A sublime angel sitting amongst the fumes of factories. Just as people associate huge man-made buildings with giants, this angel is tied to the chilling industrial architecture.

RUINS (2021)

DM6100 Moving Image

A 3D environment based on a tragedy of Tuam Baby Homes. A virtual recreation of the demolished building. Art based on a tragedy is not only a memorial of people’s suffering, it is more than a reminder of death and failure. It also represents the miracle of survival. Tragedies should be represented in art. Let the tragic art haunt us. “But the landscape of devastation is still a landscape. There is beauty in ruins,” - Susan Sontag.

i hope i haunt you (2022)

DM6111 Generative Art and Media

Generative art and interactive piece coded with p5js. A lonely creature that follows the cursor and if clicked on, randomized sentences appear. Exploration of "Tamagothci effect" and human empathy towards unreal beings.

Character Design (2022)

FM6102 Digital Play & Practice

Exploration of affective character design through concept art and 3D modelling.

life_around_the_machine (2022)

FM6102 Digital Play & Practice

Looped 2D pixel animation depicting our co-dependent relationship with technology and machines.

Application Design (2022)

DM6103 Interactive and Immersive Media 

Design of an exploration game for mobile devices.

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